RSO Tincture



Tincture 2x Formula

Active Ingredients: 600 mg THC
Net Weight
  • 600 mg, 30 mL bottles



RSO Tincture

RSO Tincture provide around twice as much THC as our Encapsulated Tinctures. And contain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids particular to the strains that were used.

Patients who haven’t tasted that powerful cannabis form can ease into RSO with the help of RSO Tincture. Even more precisely controlled than syringe-based distribution, dropper-based dosing enables patients to progressively raise the dosage to discover the ideal amount for their particular symptom alleviation.

RSO effects take occur over the course of one hour. Therefore, a few drops per eight hours is chosen as the tolerable consumption cycle. Over the course of 90 days, an average of 60 ml is used.

However, after taking it, refrain from engaging in cognitive activity like driving, using tools, or preparing food. The psychotropic effects of Rick Simpson Oil can be strong, even with a modest amount, therefore it’s better to avoid it.

Tinctures don’t exactly get you “high.” However, if you use THC tinctures, things can change. However, things do not stop there. You can consume THCA, an acidic precursor to tetrahydrocannabinol. It prevents you from becoming high while also allowing you to profit from THCA use.

Buy RSO Tincture For Sale

An innovative category of RSO products is RSO Tinctures. RSO Tincture offers patients active whole-plant medication and full-spectrum comfort in a convenient, quick-acting formulation.

RSO Tinctures are perfect for patients who might be unfamiliar with cannabis, for patients who want a regulated dosage, or for people who need a convenient way to administer their medication.

RSO Tincture in now available Worldwide. RSO may now be ordered from anywhere in the world and shipped within 3 to 5 days with overnight delivery (at most 24 hours). All of these shipping times depend on where you are in relation to our closest supplier. RSO Tincture For Sale

How to Make Tincture with RSO

You may simply measure out a precise amount of RSO and combine it with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, to create a tincture for simpler administration. In a dropper bottle, put the solution, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

The use of tinctures has several advantages. And even while anecdotal evidence supports such therapies, we may still discuss them. First of all, making tinctures is simple and affordable. Additionally, all you are doing is ingesting natural substances that were extracted in the manner we discussed before.

However, before ingesting RSO or Tinctures, be sure to speak with a doctor or other qualified health expert. Consume in the amount recommended.

RSO Vs Tincture

Yes, we are aware that there are many web materials available that might persuade you to use such goods in moderation. There isn’t always a requirement for consultations.

But we vehemently disagree. To begin with, not everyone has the same amount of tolerance for cannabis. Second, a person’s intake may differ based on their height, weight, and other comparable characteristics.

Therefore, seek the advice of a medical expert and take the recommended dosages, which have been determined using your important characteristics.

RSO has greater strength than the tincture. Additionally, it tastes earthy. However, because you only need to add a few drops—just 1/4th of a drop if you’re a beginner—it won’t be too difficult to tolerate its “earthy” flavor.

Tinctures, on the other hand, are a joyful and colorful kind of medication, largely because of their flavor. It may be added to a variety of meals, possibly enhancing the flavor. Also, unless there is a combination of THC in it, it is not often as potent as RSO. RSO tincture is more potent as much as Rick Simpson oil.

Finally, it should be mentioned that none of those should be taken without first contacting a medical professional.

The Difference Of Taste Between RSO and Tincture

The flavor of Rick Simpson Oil is substantial and earthy. You would normally anticipate that from plant oil. The good news is that you don’t need to put up with the flavor for very long. This is as a result of the Rick Simpson Oil droplets being positioned behind your tongue. However, you may preserve that bliss using RSO tincture.

Now, you can appreciate a pleasant flavor in tinctures, and the flavoring is to blame. As a result, you may enjoy combining with a variety of foods and drinks without worrying about the final flavor. In terms of flavor, tinctures are therefore more palatable than Rick Simpson Oil.


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