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Buy Rick Simpson Oil California

Buy Rick Simpson Oil California; The medicinal cannabis oil known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is thought to provide a variety of possible health advantages. RSO advocates assert that it may be used to cure diseases including cancer, arthritis, and persistent pain. RSO is often derived from cannabis strains with a high THC content and used topically or orally.

Rick Simpson is a well-known proponent of RSO use and has contributed to raising awareness of the drug’s potential advantages. There is just one place to go if you want to sample RSO: HERE. Many online merchants provide Rick Simpson Oil, however not all of them do it with the same level of quality as we do. Buy Rick Simpson Oil California

Buy Rick Simpson Oil California

How To Use RSO

Simply consume the recommended dose of RSO to utilize it. To make eating easier, patients may drizzle the oil onto a piece of food like fruit or bread. RSO may be quite sticky and have a powerful aftertaste. It is advised to store the oil in a cold, dry environment or to refrigerate it. Before using, let the syringe warm up.

RSO may take at least one to two hours to start working. With an average dosage, effects typically last 4 to 6 hours. Every eight hours, in the morning, the afternoon, and at night an hour or so before bed, patients may take the oil.

The patient’s dose will change based on their tolerance. Give your body time to gradually develop a tolerance to the oil. Patients may gradually raise their dosage. Some persons may take up to 1 gram/mL of oil per day when taken as prescribed.

Many individuals will continue taking the oil at a decreased rate after receiving effective therapy. A suitable maintenance dosage is about 1 to 2 grams per month, typically used as a drop or two just before bed.

RSO is applicable in topical applications. Apply the oil to the skin, then wrap it up. As required, apply new bandages and fresh oil. WARNING! With prolonged contact, RSO’s active cannabinoids may pass through the skin. Handle carefully! Driving while under the influence of this medicine is not advised for patients. Buy Rick Simpson Oil California

Where can i buy Rick Simpson Oil online

Numerous queries concern the availability of Rick Simpson Oil online. RSO may now be ordered from anywhere in the world and shipped within 3 to 5 days with overnight delivery (at most 24 hours). All of these shipping times depend on where you are in relation to our closest supplier. Buy Rick Simpson Oil California


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