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Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia

Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia; RSO is now available for supply to Australia. Rick Simpson Oil Australia has its own branch of production and supply thanks to our extensive distribution network. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations are greater in Rick Simpson oil (RSO) than in other medicinal cannabis extracts, which makes it special.

We provide Rick’s original high-THC formulation, which is strong enough to treat malignancies in stages I through IV. RSO, which is hemp-based CBD oil with a new name, should be avoided. These are frequently seen at health food stores and have hardly little THC. The only recipe that has so far been supported by science is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

How RSO Works

The resin and trichomes of a plant are separated from the plant itself to produce RSO, which is comparable to a highly purified form of hashish. According to the notion, the strong combination of terpenes and cannabinoids in high concentrations can effectively “soak” the body’s cells with cannabinoids, helping to battle malignant cells throughout the body. Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia.

Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia

Buy Rick Simpson Oil 1ml

An oral or topically applied cannabis extract called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is available. In little dosage, RSO is quite strong. Half a grain of short, dry rice is the recommended starting dose. About 30 to 40 doses of this size are contained in one 0.5mL syringe.

Use RSO as directed by swallowing the recommended dosage. To make eating easier, patients may drizzle the oil onto a piece of food like fruit or bread. RSO may be quite sticky and have a powerful aftertaste. It is advised to store the oil in a cold, dry environment or to refrigerate it. Before using, let the syringe warm up. RSO may take at least one to two hours to start working. Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia

Buy Rick Simpson Oil Australia


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