How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

How To Use Rick Simpson Oil; It’s always a good idea to see a medical expert before starting a treatment plan if you want to utilize RSO to treat a medical problem. Since most states now allow medicinal marijuana programs, more doctors are becoming knowledgeable with the science of the endocannabinoid system, so you should be able to find one. While many doctors aren’t familiar with the medical applications of cannabis, you should be able to locate one. BUY RSO

If you decide to follow Rick Simpson’s dose recommendations, keep in mind that while thousands of individuals have taken them, they have not been subjected to medical study. The potency of the oil is one of several factors that might affect dosages from person to person. When discovering your ideal dose, like with any cannabis treatment, proceed at your own discretion and “start low and go gradually.”

RSO tincture is often available at your neighborhood marijuana store. But once you have it, what are you expected to do with it? At first glance, this powerful, black oil could appear a little daunting, yet the most common way to consume it is straightforward.

how to use Rick Simpson oil

Rick Simpson Oil Dosage

The Rick Simpson approach aims to progressively increase daily oil consumption over a 90-day period. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

The First Week

Rick Simpson advises starting with three really modest dosages each day. Take three doses of RSO—one in the morning, one at midday, and one at night—every eight hours, or roughly the size of half a grain of rice (1/4 drop of RSO tincture).

Every four days, double the dose after the first week. To attain the maximum dosage of one gram of RSO per day, it typically takes three to five weeks for most people.

Weeks 5 to 12

Take one gram of RSO every day until the entire 60 grams have been eaten. For the majority of people, it is 8 to 9 doses of RSO per day of RSO every eight hours.

The Rick Continuing RSO’s objective

You may continue to take the extract even after completing a 12-week RSO dosing schedule. However, you might wish to lower your overall dose. Reduce your monthly intake of Rick Simpson oil to one or two grams, divided into equal daily dosages. This “maintenance dosage” will be sufficient for many people to maintain the potential advantages of RSO. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

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Can You Smoke RSO?

Simpson did not intend for people to utilize his oil by smoking it. Instead, Simpson believed that patients should take RSO orally or apply it topically. When he purportedly employed the extract to treat his skin cancer, Simpson personally applied it topically. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

RSO use, whether by smoking or dabbing, may be hazardous. Your RSO can be combustible depending on the kind of solvent it employs. Therefore, attempting to inhale or vape it might result in explosive effects. If you’re unsure, ask the salesperson if the item you’re buying can be smoked. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

How To Use RSO

RSO tincture, for example, is a highly concentrated whole-plant extract that shouldn’t be smoked or vaporized. One of the following three methods is commonly employed with these kinds of extracts:

  • Directly as a topical applied to the skin surface
  • Applied as a sublingual drop beneath the tongue for quickest absorption.
  • As an oral pill for benefits that take longer to manifest but persist longer.
  • It’s also crucial to keep in mind that compared to many other varieties of medicinal cannabis products, RSO often has a high THC level. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

As a result, the suggested dosage of significant amounts of Rick Simpson oil used daily has the potential to have some severe psychotropic side effects. The THC does not, however, reach the bloodstream when it is applied topically on the skin. Therefore, you won’t feel any psychoactive effects.

THC effects, however, are most likely to be felt after oral intake. Your tolerance will increase as you use it more regularly. With repeated use, you’ll probably experience less of THC’s intoxicating effects.

how to use RSO

Despite the relatively low risk of RSO tincture, a 90-day Rick Simpson oil dose regimen may cause a few small negative effects. Since sleep is one of the most crucial components of recovery, people frequently report tiredness as a side effect. However, when taken medicinally, this may help promote a patient’s recuperation. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

Here is one more thing to keep in mind. For the creation of RSO, there is no “standard formula.” Although Simpson did post his own formula online, it is impossible to verify whether a specific firm utilized it exactly or only as a model for their own extract. As a result, it could take some trial and error until you locate a manufacturer of the ideal RSO for your particular requirements. Even employing various strains as the foundation for RSO might alter the overall impact of the extract. Fortunately, we offer a wide selection of RSO for sale. How To Use Rick Simpson Oil